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  2007.03.09  16.25
Back On LJ, at least for today.

I've been away from LJ for a long time. Because, like many of you, I got a MySpace. And it was good, for a while. But MySpace blogs are pretty limited, at least in my opinion. You can't really write about stuff that goes on in your life. You can't complain about things that go on because then random people yell at you that your blog sucks. Not that I really give two shits what random people think, but I'm getting sort of tired of being expected to entertain rather than to keep a journal of events going on in my life. Even if there aren't any and I just feel like writing random stuff that pops into my head at any given moment. I'll still keep the MySpace blog, but I want to go back to writing in this one too. I had some good and crazy times on LJ and I don't want all that to die just because I'm one of those "Damn Kids With Their MySpace."

Anyway, some stuff has changed since the last time I wrote in here. I live in a real apartment now, not just a shitty efficiency motel. Right after we left the hotel we lived in a house off of Hwy. 92 for about six months. Then one of the guys who co-owned the house decided to sell it out from under us. It wouldn't have pissed us all off so bad if we'd been given more than a month to find a place to live and be moved out. we got exactly 30 days, and then he kept on moving the date up. But oh well, that's life I guess. Anyway, we ended up getting a pretty nice apartment in Brooke Mill (still in the Woodstock/Acworth 92 area). We moved in last November and so far this place is really good. There's a pool and a gym, we have a back deck to hang out on, and the place has a lot of room for three people (myself, Matt and Brian, one of our old roommates from the house).

A few things sucked about the move, too. One of them was that Mike ended up having to move back to Michigan. His mom was sick so he felt like he had to, but even with that he couldn't afford a place on his own. So he moved about a week before we did. It was pretty sad. I mean we used to hang out together every day and now he lives all the way up there and his phone's disconnected so he can't even talk. So I send him messages on myspace and we communicate that way. Even though that happened, however, it was probably still a good thing that we moved out of the house. We were paying more in rent there than we were living here, and that was just for the use of one small room, cable and internet. And Scott, the guy who sold the house, kept trying to scam us by saying we ":forgot" to give him money for the bills, which was bullshit because we always did. 

Also, by the time we all left there were seven people living in the house: myself and Matt, Scott, Russ (our "next-door neighbor" who barely said a word to us), Brian, his now ex-girlfriend Sarah, and then Mike was living on the couch in the living room because, after he and Jerrie broke up, Jerrie moved out and Mike couldn't afford a room there anymore, but he still needed a place to stay. So yeah, things were cramped, and pretty dirty since no one except me ever cleaned or took out the trash. But everything's great now that we have this place.

Anyway, in December I quit my job at Papa John's because my hours kept getting cut back but was still expected to do more work than anyone else. So now I work at Kroger. No, it doesn't sound like an improvement, but believe me, it's better than pizza or popcorn. Because all I do all day is cut fruit and put it into little cups and bowls, then price it and put it on the shelves. That's my main job. It's quiet, I can listen to my MP3 player most of the time (which is a good thing, believe me...some of the music they play in the store is enough to kill anyone with any sort of taste), and I don't have seventy different people yelling at me about stupid random bullshit. 

Well, I gotta get off this computer. It's on loan from a friend of ours who's trying to fix the one he built us for Christmas, after my Lappy 420 died. But this Lappy doesn't have a spyware killer that works worth a shit, so I try to keep it gaming only. 

But...I'll be back to tell you more about my oh so interesting life at another time.


  2005.12.20  16.00

surveyCollapse )


  2005.12.07  13.09
well, almost no pain....

Your 2005 Song Is

Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

"Love forever love is free.
Let's turn forever you and me."

In 2005, you were loving life and feeling no pain.

...but i did get a pretty sweet mercury sable station wagon two days ago!!! it is so awesome, but it's weird because i never thought i'd actually own one of those. it makes me feel better that we have more space for the kids whenver they want to go somewhere with us. we got a really good deal on it though, we have money to put away and save up for an apartment now hopefully. it's so weird how sometimes, horrible things work out in your favor. i'm not saying that to be sarcastic, i just mean that we were lucky enough not to be dead, and then we actually didn't get screwed over for once. so everything, at least for now, is good.

Mood: calm

  2005.11.24  12.38

happy thanksgiving to all you beautiful, crazy lj peeps.

now its time to stuff thy face.


  2005.11.21  16.17
all kinds of good and bad stuff

sorry i had a better title, but because of falling in and out of sleep on the couch all day i kind of lost it. i'm not too bright right now.

the weekend started off kicking ass, and you all know what i'm talking about. but i'll get to that later. everything went seriously downhill on saturday afternoon. matt and i were driving on sandtown road, which is up near red top mtn estates (the boonies)and this old lady in a van didn't yield or slow down when she was coming the other way, so, such is our luck, we got into an accident. my car is wrecked to the point of no return, matt's wrist got sprained and he has a hematoma in his arm. i just kind of got banged up by the seatbelt and airbag. so now what's going on is we're just waiting for the insurance comanies to start rolling...since it was the other lady's fault, we have to get her insurance company to pay for everything...therein lies the challenge. the adjuster was supposed to call us back, which of course he never did. and now they're giving us this jazz about who was liable to try and worm out of the shit. um, hello? i think i know who was liable...the person who got the fucking ticket, maybe?! i really really don't wanna have to go to court for all this, but if they don't reimburse us we might have to. needless to say, this kind of brought me down from my good mood from thursday night. i'm just glad no one died though. i mean if you'd seen our car and then seen the damn van that the other lady was driving (it was propped up against a phone pole with its ass end in the air and the front smashed into the ground and the old lady just walked away without a scratch). the doctor who treated matt and kennestone said both of us were lucky to be alive. so, that was my latest non-drug-related brush with death. if anyone has any advice or anything on how we can go about this without getting royally screwed any further, i'd appreciate that greatly.

now....without further ado...here it is, people....


10: Voldemort...they tried to make him look a little too snaky for my tastes. i mean it was like he was this evil albino monkey or something. but the whole scene in the grabeyard was one of the scenes that was done almost perfectly, so it passed from a highlight to a lowlight and then back to a highlight.

9: The whole Hagrid and Madame Maxime thing was supposed to be cute in the book. here it was gross and borderline creepy. lowlight.

8: Uh...someone needs some drugs. And that someone would be Dumbledore. did you not think he was about to beat the crap out of poor Harry when he was asking him if he put his name in the goblet? and then all the other times it looked like he was about to start wigging out and speaking in tongues. somebody call mundungus fletcher and hook dumbledore's ass up with some chronic!!! WTF?!?!

7: McGonagall's line in the beginning: "He's only a boy, he's not a piece of meat!" Um...I beg to differ, McGonagall. Highlight.

6: what was up with the random black dude walking around in the dashiki and blue robes? i mean, was he with hogwarts, durmstrang, beaubaxtons...what? this gets a wtf for pure randomness.

5: beaubaxtons: leave it to the french to always be doing something gay and acting really really conceited about it. lowlight.

4: the hungarian horntail part was too short, but it kicked ass. definite highlight.

3: man, they really laid the whole "Potter Stinks" campaign on way thick...too thick. it the book it was gravy, here it's molasses. and good god, hufflepuffs are assholes!!!! lowlight, dammit!

2: no house elves!!!!!!! wooooooot!!!! even though seeing a drunk one would have been funny...no. i will not give into the house-elf hustle. highlight for lack of house elves

and the number one highlight lowlight or wtf moment of hp gof....

1: the prefects bathroom scene....the scene i've been waiting to see since i read the freakin book...oh. my . god. highlight.

other stuff at the midnite showing: got to see diane, will, ryan and melissa, which rocked even though we weren't in the same theater. i didn't see katie though which sucked. the theater we were in, 1, was probably the most retarded theater in there. people would not stop taking pictures! and then these guys got up and started doing random birthday sououts...which set off a chain reaction of everyone else doing them. and then this black dude got up and, a la eddie murphy, was like, "This is my best time in America, i love America!" right before everyone started singing happy birthday to people we didn't even know. so it was a shitload of un and if i could relive one day over and over until my head explodes, it would be that one. wow. i am a huge dork.

Mood: groggy

  2005.11.14  14.39

my pet!

i got the jay and silent bob do degrassi dvd!!!! i was never too into degrassi before now, but i used to watch the old series when i was in hs. anyway, if you like jay and bob and you like degrassi, you need this dvd badly.

well, four more days till GoF...i hope to see those of you on my flist who i used to work with at the midnight showing. this movie is gonna be so fucking awesome!!!! i probably wont have a heart attack about another movie like this until clerks 2 comes out...i'm not too stoked about seeing PoA to be honest. why would i want to watch Sirius bite it, or watch Harry kiss Cho? anyway, i know ive said this before but damn i'm glad i'm not at regal anymore!!! i can't believe they were forced to get that 50 cent movie but austell refused it! all you ushers better start packin when you go to work. they should have to provide guns for the employees...or at least let them sharpen their broomsticks at the end.

Mood: weird

  2005.11.07  12.57
eleven more days.....

and goblet of fire comes out.

eleven more days and i get to see dan radcliffe shirtless.


oh. sorry. where was i? oh yeah. what up? hope everyone's been doing okay. things are same as always with me pretty much...working, and shit like that. didn't get to go to six flags last week. i was so pissed off. we got there and they wouldn't let us in because we didn't buy our tickets at the park, we got them at publix since they were a lot cheaper there. but apparently if you buy them anywhere else but at the park, it's not guaranteed theyll let you in. so we went back to publix and tried to get our money back but they wouldnt give it to us. so we blew fucking almost sixty dollars on six flags tickets we couldnt even use. thats it, next time i go to an amusement park it'll be either kennywood in pittsburgh or cedar point in jersey. if cedar point is still there anyway. last time i went there it was like 1989 i think.

work gets more and more evenful and slackerish each day. there's this one driver i work with. his name is chris but we call hime Full Rebel Alchemist. mostly because hes a huge redneck, but also because of the day Matt and i gave him a ride to autozone or whatever and he told us that he was an alchemist and his wife was a natural witch who can wish for something and make it come true, but she pays for it by someone in her family dying. oh yeah and apparently because of these wishes they're about to inherit a million dollars. no, he really said this. he's also said that all the women next door at Bojangles want him. this dude has a mullet AND a rat tail, four dogs but two kids in defax. yeah....that's what i thought you'd say.

LMAO!!! i can't belive goblet of fire is gonna be at regal!!!! something will happen the night i go to see it. i dont know if itll be the midnight showing or not but whenever i do go and if anyone on my filist is there...keep an eye peeled. you might see some shit.


  2005.11.01  13.19
two things


stolen from phraktalsnipe

Two Names I Go By: Rae, Panda
Two Parts of My Heritage: English, French
Two Things That Scare Me: the ghost who lives in my apartment, and thoughts of what's really going through my boss's head
Two Everyday Essentials: sleeping and eating
Two Things I Am Wearing Right Now: my hoodie and my night of the living dead shirt
Two of My Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: 7 Seconds Of Love, Slipknot
Two of My Favorite Songs: "Flip Out Like A Ninja" by 7 Seconds of Love, "Got Me Wrong" by alice In Chains
Two books that changed my life: The Regulators by Richard Bachman(Stephen King), any of the Harry Potter books
Two Things I Want in a Relationship: fun, love
Two Physical Things that Appeal to Me: stained glass, Daniel Radcliffe
Two of My Favorite Hobbies: comics, action figures
Two Things I Want Really Badly:to publish one of my stories one day, a Fullmetal Alchemist jacket like Ed's in the show
Two Things I Want to Do Before I Die: go to england and learn how to draw

edit: 7 Seconds Of Love is an awesome English ska band from Manchester. The lead singer/guitarist is the same guy who makes all those weirdass animations on rathergood.com and those old freaky quiznos commercials with those weird little pirate monkeys or whatever they were (melissa i know you remember those). if and when i ever do go to england i WILL see them in concert.

Mood: apathetic

  2005.10.24  14.19

i am seruously out of it today and have no idea why. well other than being tired i guess. this whole waking up at nine o clock in the morning thing just doesn't put me in a good mood. but hey, in less than a week i'll hopefully be sitting on a roller coaster so, i don't have that much to complain about.

anyway, not much has been going on. just been working a lot, planning this sixflags trip, and helping isabel plan her halloween party. went to party city today and spent a small fortune on halloween decorations. we got a fog machine, blood dripping candles, one of those little voice changer thingies, some purple spider web stuff, and some other stuff from eddies trick shop in the square. eddies is awesome! if you live in the marietta area and have never been there, go there!!! it's the coolest store ever. it reminds me of weasleys wizard wheezes. anyway, isabel's party is on saturday and matt and i are the "chaperones." isabel wants me like, at the party with her friends, but i don't want to make them feel weird, like, "why the hell is this old bitch trying to pretend she's a teenager again?" that type of shit. so i guess i'll just hang out upstairs and help matt scare the crap out of everyone. we want to get our friend Kevin to dress up as the scream guy or Jason or somebody. but he's always drunk so it probably wont work.

speaking of kevin, he freaked me out the other night. i'd just gotten home from work on saturday and was eating dinner when my phone rang. since my phone is mostly for matt to get ahold of me at work this doesn't happen very often. this is how the conversation went:

me: hello?
really drunk guy on other line: hello?
me: hello?
guy: who is this?
me: uh, dude, i think you have the wrong number.
guy: no, who is this?
me: it's rae
guy: who the hell is rae?
me: the owner of this phone, dude!
guy: who do you know?
me: what?
guy: i said who do you know?
me: probably no one you know, man. (Click.)

so that's how it went the first time. but then he called back. and at the time, fullmetal alchemist was on so now i was getting pissed.

me: yeah?
guy: (mumbles incoherently)
me: what? (guy starts laughing)
me: okay, who the fuck is this? i'm serious!
guy: it's Kevin McMahon!
me: Kevin?!
guy: yeah, who is this?
me: it's Rachel!
guy: oh! this is Matt's Rachel?!
me: yeah!
Kevin: oh my god i can't believe i called you! whazzup?!
me: nothing! dude, sorry for sounding like a bitch before but i didn't know it was you!
Kevin: oh it's cool, i'm drunk!
me: really? i never would have guessed.

and so on and so forth, you get the idea. apparently matt called hi from my phone one day and you kow how sometimes you get so wasted you just start going through your phone seeing who all the unknown numbers belong to. but at least it was someone i know and not someone just fucking with me.

well anyway, since i wont get to say this to any of you in person: have a fucking awesome halloween, dress up and party your ass off. oh and to all the girls on my flist, if you end up going to a party and scoring some hot goth guy, make him call you rae ;)


  2005.10.17  13.28
milk milk lemonade around the corner fudge is made

guess how much sleep i got last night? zero. zilch. nada. goose eggs. i just couldn't sleep for some reason. aye, no es bueno! so now i'm in a really really weird, hyper mood and i'd probably laugh at anything. like if a monkey were to come into the room right now and randomly explode, i'd probably laugh instead of going, "oh the poor monkey!" but before the monkey exploded i'd spank it... heh heh heh.

so whats new with me you ask? not all that much. work is going okay,except for last night, but i dont wanna get into it. the best news right now is that i am more than likely going to six flags on the 30th. i cant wait, dude. ive never been to fright fest before, so this is gonna be awesome. i wonder if that dude will come and start dancing and shit. if so i hope he doesn't expect me to dance. cause it's scary, trust me.

i just wanna say to all my lj peeps...I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!! sorry i know this isn't much of an entry but i am so tired i cant keep my mind on one subject long enough to really write on it. i just have to say...Squidbillies is probably the most fucked up show ive ever watched in my life, but it's funny as shit. and harvey birdman was funny last night too. someone bring me some breastmilk-flavored LSD! ha!!!! it was so funny when peanut goes up to those two chicks and goes, "hi i'm peanut, you be butter and you be jelly , and, oh this is just off the top of my head, lets make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." i swear i am not stoned i am just seriously fucked in the head.

Mood: weird

  2005.09.28  17.35
i want TiVo, dammit!!!!

judging by the title, you all know what i want for xmas this year. hey, i've been a good girl! well, kinda...but everyone at my work is kinda like, "you don't have TiVo and you're living, how?" i've been wanting it for a long ass time now but matt wants to wait till we get a better place...that way we can just get ondemand and TiVo AND high speed internet. but i'm starting to run out of patience. besides, i already know what matt's getting me for xmas this year...a divorce (not me and him, but from his ex so he can marry me finally). i know i should be more excited about that than TiVo, but how many times have i heard this? "this year we're gonna get it done so we can get married." probably twice for every year we've been together, so almost an average of twelve times. heh. i just might get TiVo if this is the case. once you have a promise made over and over again you stop getting all worked up over it.

well, this is the third full week of work at papa john's. i've been there long enough now to have some really difficult nights, but i'd still work for them over regal any day. last night was so fucking boring and slow Tim (the GM) sent me home at eight thirty. i didn't go to work today since we had to take matt's dad to the hospital so he could get this plug put in for his heart, but i'm still going up there at around nineish to help Tiffany the asisstant mgr close up shop, since the only other closer she has is this Russian guy who doesn't really do much. (fun fact: Tiffany is friends with Corinne Matthews, for all you ex/currant Regalites)

talked to Nikki the other day. she's having a girl. she invited me to the baby shower too, so hopefully i can go. i already know what i'm getting her...i saw this really cute pair of Incredibles pj's the other day at wal-Mart. Also talked to Oscar the other day...he called me like at midnight on Monday but I'd left my phone at home so it could charge since it was almost dead. called him back yesterday but since i was in the heart of Crackworth my reception was shitty so i'll have to call him back.

oh, and i saw Corpse bride yesterday...it was okay, i guess. i didn't get all excited over it like i did when Nightmare Before Xmas came out, but there are two reason for this. number one, i was in like seventh grade when the Nightmare came out, and number two, that kind of animation was pretty new and now everyone's seen it to death. plus CB's storyline was pretty predictable. but it was well made and not a total waste of time, and i got to take the kids to see it so it was cool. oh, aaaaannnndd....THE GOBLET OF FIRE FULL LENGTH TRAILER WAS ON IT. It was so awesome it caused me to empty an entire box of Gobstoppers on the floor of the theater. and good times were had by all, except matt who was embarrassed as fuck by me for dropping my candy. oopsies.

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Deer

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Panda

You are a fun-seeker - an adventurous, risk-taker.
While you are spontaneous, you are not very rational.

Mood: tired

  2005.09.12  16.49

just got back from regal, haha...i was watching emily rose up there. that movie was waaaayyyy too law and order-y. but it was entertaining....which may not say much because, right now, everything's entertaining...heh heh.

got a new job last thursday...and guess where?! if you said papa johns, you are not the weakest link. i'm the new "insider" up there. all i'm really repsonsible for is answering phones, helping make the pizzas, and a little cleaning at the end of the night. it's sooooooo much less stressful than regal...no one threatening you all the time, you dont get yelled at and written up for having a smudge on the ocunter, or something...the only stressful thing about it was learning the computer system because you dont just ring stuff up, you have to actually memorize codes and which F key does what and shit like that. thechnically they should five you a traning class for it, but they kind of just planked me down in front of it and were like, "this does this, this does that, okay go ahead and start now." but it was cool, since they didn't get all pissy with me whenever i had a question. everyone is pretty mellow and cool up there. i sure hope they would be, considering that the last insider they had quit on them and was pretty brain dead and the one before that...well, "psycho" isnt strong enough a word for what she was.

so in short, i'm not useless anymore, yay me!

Mood: high

  2005.09.05  14.26

well, it's official...i am no longer an employee of regal. and guess what...i feel like years have melted off my life. no more lynn, no more bullshit...and i'm sure they want to make me feel so worthless. the way i see it, if i'm not good enough to work at regal, that just makes me a better person, right?

Mood: mellow

  2005.08.30  12.40
drugs and "nice people"

so i just saw the latest Foamy cartoon, and guess what...i laughed my ass off actually agree with him! as a pothead (or as of last month, a pothead on hiatus) he's absolutely right...like anyone cares if pot cures glaucoma or whatever. i don't see myself to be any exception to what he's talking about...plus i loved it when he was talking about being addicted to cream cheese, and when he was like, "doc, my eye hurts, gimme some pot!" and no, i didn't wonder if that actually works! he's right, relying on substances to get you through the day isn't really anything to be proud of. i guess that's why Foamy's so great. aside from making you laugh, he makes you think too.

ok, so even though i don't get to post much anymore, i love everyone who happens to read my journal. what i do not love is when people post anonymous, semi-threatening messages in my journal telling me to "watch my back" and trying to scare me about the possibility of losing my job. well, guess what...if i lose the damn thing, there won't be anything that I or anyone else can do about it. and for the record, if i lose it and it was for something that I myself am not responsible for, i will just assume that it was this anonymous party who had a hand in it, just because i won't be able to blame myself. and then i'll find another, even better job and file regal in my memory warehouse under "Things You'd Like To Forget." So thanks for the warning and everything, but bite me. I don't need anyone making my life more difficult than it already is.

Mood: annoyed

  2005.08.23  12.11
much to report...

mostly SSDD stuff i'm afraid...let's see, i'm still at the shittiest job ever...i got a third step last week because i fucked up a coupon in box office, and if the Sunday checker came thru my line and i didn't upsize or ask for the regal card i'll probably be fired.

put some apps in yesterday online to cvs, walgreens, and target i think. dont really want to work at any of these places, but i would to get out of regal. i just want a job where i'll be treated with some semblance of respect, but unless i go into business for myself it aint gonna happen. the only reason id want to work at target is because i could get action figures at like 30 percent off...isnt that pathetic? but we've pretty much already estavlished that. i've been having serious issues lately with the state of my life as it is now. my mom seems to think i can just drop what i'm doing and get another job right away, and be able to work anywhere and work my way up like she did...but it doesnt work like that anymore. i keep thinking about dropping everything and just driving up north. i want to see my grandmother...i havent seen her since before i got kicked out, like five years ago. and shes like eight-something years old so she doesn't have much time left.. plus my uncle is dying of lung cancer, so i need to go up there. but ill never be able to afford it as long asd i keep working at regal....if i still have a job that is.

my stepson is probably going to be put in a group home. hes been stealing a lot and hanging out with all these gang-like kids and stuff, and he wont listen to anyone. it's mostly the stealing that's the problem. he cant control himself. no matter what kind of medication they put him on, he just keeps on doing it. so the psychiatrist suggested it this morning when we took him there. this sucks. Joey is beyond a handful at times but he can be a sweet kid when he wants to be. so needless to say, i dont want him to go, no one does...but its either this or lock him up in his room for the rest of his life because no one wants to discipline him. still, i feel like it's my fault for not being there enough for him. he never really had a mom, so ive been the next best thing, and i'm always too busy working at a crappy job to make ends meet to spend any real time with him.

so thats the news in my life. depressing, isnt it? jesus, i sound like marvin from hitchhikers guide.

Mood: depressed

  2005.07.26  15.37
hee hee hee

wow...this is sad...i barely update anymore but i still dont have much to write about....uhhhhh lets see...saw devils rejects yesterday, it was a good movie but not as good as the first one...funnier though. and im seeing the island today, heres hoping thats good...it looks good. and maybe ill see a mini ewan magregor show ;) even though its pg-13, so i know i wont be seeing "Mini Ewan Magregor" lol...but shirtless will do for now.

here's my favorite quote from devil's rejects...........

guy selling chickens: now you aint gonna be fuckin these chickens are ya?

charlie: now why would you ask me that? i look like a chicken fucker to you?

guy: well i dunno, i thought about fuckin chickens before...sometimes if you rip a chicken in half and you stick your dick in it itll be twichin all over the place and you just go "aahhh!"

charlie: so you mean to tell me that you rip off a chickens head, fuck it, then go "ahhh"?

guy: yeah, pretty much.

i think thats how it went, i have a bad memory for movie quotes if ive only seen it one time.

RAE'S JOURNAL: the only place you can find stuff about fucking chickens, fanfiction, and whatever else in one place.


  2005.07.25  13.51

In a Past Life...

You Were: An Albino Astrologer.

Where You Lived: Alaska.

How You Died: Natural causes.

it has been way too long since i wrote anything in this journal. not much has been goin on...workin' at the Regizzle, being annoyed by Wade...i swear, dude, if he tells me Jesus loves me one more time, I'm going to say "Yes I know", then kick him in the nuts and tell him THAT was a message back from jesus...or something. that didn't make very much sense, i should work on that. oh, and he was also asking me if Matt and I are "saving it for marriage." like it's any of his fucking business! and you can't say anything to him about shit that he says without him getting all hurt and acting like you're the one in the wrong. he got bitched out by christie and lynnn last night though, because he was also talking to one of the cops about how some women deserve to get raped because they bring it on themselves. now i'm no feminist and i know there are ho's out there, but don't be saying that at the tope of your lungs AT WORK to a COP! frickin idiot! god!

anyway, HBP...don't think i've ever cried so hard over a book in my life. it was a good book, well written and all, and i liked all the flashbacky shit, but come on. and Mundungus got put in Azkaban for stealing Sirius's shit! in my fanfic (shameless plug i know) he'd never do anything like that. but that i guess is why it's fanfiction eh? and oh yeah, note to Ginny...get off my Kool Aid bitch! haha just kidding.

well i gotta go. gonna see Devil's Rejects...been waiting for this movie for a long time now and was going to see it Friday but i didn't have time. maybe i'll post a review of it in like a year, lol.


pS: sorry if this entry was a little on the 12 year old side, i don't have much time to write ever.


  2005.05.16  17.43

Star Wars Horoscope for Pisces

A typical Pisces, you have your head in the clouds.
You're self-sacrificing and a bit too passive to stand up to the dark side.
You become fairly pessimistic when put under pressure.
You are a chameleon - wanting to change your scenery on occassion.

Star wars character you are most like: Lando

this surprises me...or not, maybe. i mean i know im kind of a pimp, hehe. ;)

Mood: good

  2005.05.05  17.11

well i'm out running around and bored as shit so i figured i'd update....not that anyone cares, but this is more for my amusement. i know my last entry was all bitch and moan, which is kinda bad on my part since i can't update every day, but whatever. it's history.

ever since matt started working at papa johns things have been a lot easier financially. i'd forgotten what a difference it makes. we have all our bills and insurance paid, and now all we have to do is save up enough to move into a real apartment. i want it to be a nice one, so i'm willing to wait and make sacrifices. besides, i already have the one movie i wanted anyway...the Clerks X dvd!!! aaarrghhh its fucking awesome!!!

i'm also looking hardcore for another job. we're getting kingdom of heaven this week and star wars next week. aaaaagghhh star wars!!!!! i dont think ill survive so i need to find something.

well i gotta go. peace out.


Mood: blah

  2005.04.11  12.37

okay. everyone needs to chill the fucking hell out. what is this, bitchfest 2005?! there are better things in life than sitting around obsessing over all this he said she said crap. as far as Matt goes, i love all my friends but i love my fiance more. we've been together through everything, and he's been there for me when I was pretty sure no one else gave a shit. AND HE DOES NOT ABUSE ME. this is almost making me glad i can't use the internet anymore, because of all this drama. i respect all of you as friends, but seriously guys, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Mood: annoyed

  2005.03.23  17.08

so not much is going on...i'm over at sandi's right now so thats why im updating. i've been getting more work done on my writing the past two days...in other words i'm actually doing it. it's getting hard for me to focus again. i need to work on dont be a menace two, but are you on drugs really wants to be written...i keep getting more ideas for that than the fanfiction.

i found another place to live. i don't think i'll be able to move in for a few weeks but this place is awesome. it's smaller, but it has free phone and high speed internet. and it's furnished. and it has showtime. and most importantly it's cheaper than where i'm at now. so hopefully they'll let me snag some boxes at regal so i can get a head start packing.

i'm not looking forward to the next few days. i'm working tomorrow, all day friday, closing saturday and 3-close sunday. this means i have to call my mom and tell her i can't come over saturday. i don't even want to think about the guilt trip over that one. but with all the work i'm gonna be doing and all the other shit going on, i really don't need any more drama in my life you know?

oh, and meredith got blonde highlights in her hair. now im not trying to say she wants to look like me or anything but it seems pretty odd that i got mine done two weeks ago and now she all of a sudden decides to do hers. but hers aren't as light as mine so oh well. i'm already missing my long hair, lol. but that's the good thing about hair i guess...it grows.

Mood: blah

  2005.03.20  16.04

well, tonight's the last night i can go online at my place. after 10:45 tonight i'll only be able to update my LJ from Matt's mom's house, until we find a cheaper place to live. no slash and no yahoo, either. i'm sorry to bitch so much but this is bullshit, it really is. and poor Matt...he had to give away his Diablo 2 account and all his best stuff to his friends so it wouldn't close down on him before we can get back online on our own. it is so frustrating to have something you can use for free and yet, still not be able to use it because of these corporate fucks trying to milk money out of our asses.

So tomorrow, I have to go to Sandi's and call that number that Brandi gave me for that 450 a month apartment. she said it's really small, but hey, i've been living in a hotel for three years so she doesn't have the same view of "small" that i do. apparently it's a base 450, and phone and cable are supposed to be included. and the only deposit you supposedly have to pay is for pets. but i'm not banking on it yet. even if it is all that (and a bag of chips, hehe ;) i still have furniture to worry about. the only thing i can get from my parents house of mine is maybe my desk and dresser set or something. but my bed's way too small. we need a bed, couch, kitchen table/chairs, and our own TV. Matt's talking about asking his grandfather if we could stay with him again and save money. I can't do that again, all he did was yell at us the last time about how fucking messy we are and try to start fights with Matt.

Anyway...Big Fish is finally on HBO again...i've been waiting forever to see this damn thing! so far it's all right, but it's not really like, "woooowwww man" like i thought it would be. but hey, burton's got some decent flicks coming out soon so he's still right up there in my book. and some show about dragons is coming on animal planet tonight, so that should be cool.

so...bye, i guess. I'm off Wednesday so i'll try and post again then.

Mood: depressed

  2005.03.19  19.08
one last survey :'(

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Mood: cynical

  2005.03.19  17.16

not much to report...just trying to soak up as much online time as possible till i'm forced to give up the internet because of greedy little piggies who feel the need to take more money out of the asses of the poor.

first off, i just wanna give a shout-out to my new View Askew-obsessed LJ bud, jayansilentbob1, she joined the Quick Stop community yesterday and i friended her instantly, because she's fuckin cool as hell! i mean damn i thought i had VA issues, lol! but these issues are actually worth having. Ozzy you're the bomb on LJ yo! BONG!!!!!

ok, in other news, saw the ring 2 today...and was pretty disappointed. it so was not scary at all. there were a few jump-out-of-your-seat parts, but uh...isn't that why we go see scary movies, because we wanna be scared? not to sit there and go, "now what the fuck is goin on here? i'm lost." there are spoilers under the cut for those of you who actually care and don't want to know what happens.

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dude, there is NOTHING on tv right now. i'll probably end up watching shaun of the dead again or something. because no way am i sitting thru legally blonde.

Mood: awake

  2005.03.18  21.45

well guess what...more bullshit is getting rained down on me. are we surpised? i really think not.

before i went to work (which sucked by the way but i'm not gonna complain about it in here, i'd rather just pretend tonight never happened) i got one of those fucking notes on my door. you know, the notes they always put there telling us whenever they're gonna shit all over us. well this one was their best work yet. starting monday (which to them, somehow starts on 11 pm sunday now) the phone rates will be changing from five free phone calls a day to two free minutes at the beginning of the first call, and five cents a minute after that. which basically means, i can't go online anymore unless i wanna pay 80 bucks a day to do so. what do they think this is, a fucking phone sex line?!?!?! people need to get in touch with their families here, for crying out fucking loud! i am so fucking pissed off right now. i JUST got a paid journal last week. and this was the reason i'd been declining before when Diane said she'd get me one for xmas...because i knew that once i got one something shitty like this would happen. i'll probably be able to go over to matt's mom's and use hers to update every week or so, but that's about it. and it's not like i can read slash over there, she'd kill me. my beautiful slash :'(

i'm sorry if i'm being overdramatic or seem selfish in any way. i don't mean to be at all. it would be one thing if matt's parents were changing ISP's, and i wouldn't be mad if that happened...disappointed and depressed for a little while, but not angry, since they don't have to let us piggyback onto their msn account. it just seems like every time i get something good, someone has to be a dick and take it away from me by making it impossible for me to afford anything. i get free internet, and now i can't even use it. thanks a fucking assload, Hamilton Inn. you pieces of dogshit.

ok so anyway, i mentioned Benadryll and bubble suits in my last entry. the reason for this is that i have some sort of skin allergy that makes me break out in itching, burning hives. i'm not trying to be gross, and if i am just skip this part or something, i don't know. but it's really been bothering me, to the point where i haven't been getting good sleep at night because i've been waking up itching everywhere and covered head to toe with hives. so finally i called cvs. after much prodding from Matt (i didn't want to ask a stranger what to do about hives, i've been so emabarrassed about these things you have no idea) and they suggested Benadryll. duh, Rae! why didn't i think of that.

so i took some this morning and took a nap before work, and so far it seems to be working well. i've only had a couple of flareups but those, as i've discovered by working tonight, have been because of my stress levels skyrocketing. but i don't feel like clawing my skin off anymore, and that's a definite plus. it'll take a few days to take full effect, but i feel a lot better now. so at least i'm getting my health back, which is awesome. i can't say things are all bad.

i get to see the ring 2 tomorrow, in its entirety. from the twenty or so minutes i've already watched it's pretty much just like the first one, only with more people involved. but i guess we'll see, eh? i'm gonna go finish dinner and watch halloween 5 now. i really, really need a good shot of 80's cheese right about now.

Mood: angry

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